Just south of the built-up area of Alaverdi (Lori district), the main forks lead to Odzun, with its famous church about 100m west on the main paved village road. The church is dated stylistically to the end of the 6th c. Beside the church is an unusual 5th-6thcc. funerary monument with two sculpted pillars depicting biblical scenes and the Christianization of Armenia. Standing on a tiered base and constructed in polished stone in the form of two arcades, this monument has a delicate harmony of symmetry. In the opening of each arcade is a rectangular stele, four meters high. On its four faces are finely carved bas-reliefs of scenes depicting the propagation of Christianity. These sculptures are remarkable specimens of the older Armenian religious art. On the South-East edge of the village is a ruined 5thc «Tziranavor-Tzaghkavank» basilica.