Lori Canyon Trailrides

Alaverdi, Zoravar Andranik Street

Lori Canyon Trailrides company is organizing horseback ride tours along the Debed Canyon, including Debet, Dsegh, Odzun villages, and Tumanyan, Alaverdi cities.  It’s a must-do experience visiting Lori to better feel the freedom of our mountains and feel like a local.

Lori Canyon Trailrides

Lori Canyon Treks

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Vodka Destiling Master Class

Odzun, 22 str., house 4,

Nestled in the mountains, Odzun village is a place where you can fully immerse yourself in village life. In addition to overnight services, Odzun B&B also offers a Vodka distilling master class.

B&B Odzun

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Born out of a shared dream among friends, the Tumanyan International Storytelling Festival is a magical weekend of performances, readings, workshops, hikes, live music, and lasting connections through the power of stories. It takes place in the picturesque town of Tumanyan, in northern Armenia – fittingly named after Hovhannes Tumanyan, beloved 19th century writer and storyteller.

Armenia has a rich tradition of spinning great stories – from poets and bards to the recitation of folk tales and fables, and even coffee cup readings – that are ripe for revival and reinterpretation.

It is in this spirit that the Tumanyan Storytelling Festival was founded.

The Edible Plants Festival 2023 will take place on July 22, honors the use of foraged indigenous greens and herbs in Armenian cuisine growing in Lori. It is held on a highland plateau in the charming village of Dsegh, which is also the birthplace of Tumanyan. Locals gather innumerable plant species from the slopes and mountains every year, and these greens serve as the core of many of their special traditional dishes. Visitors may try traditional foods produced with edible plants from the Lori area while seeing installations during the event. Dramatized presentations, music and dance performances, and traditional Armenian activities will all be available for families to enjoy.

This year festival will be held with the support of the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia.


Museum of Fine Arts

Vanadzor city, 52 Tigran Mets Avenue

The Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1974 as a branch of the National Gallery. Having received independent status in 1979, it was transferred to municipal subordination.
About 1800 museum objects are displayed in the museum representing Armenian fine arts.

S. Zoryan House Museum

Vanadzor city, 24 Stepan Zoryan street

Stepan Zoryan, a prominent Armenian novelist of the 20th century, lived there from 1964-1967. 1962-64 In 1983, the built private house was approved as a house-museum by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR. The museum has 7 halls, two used as offices and one as a bedroom. The museum has about 2000 thousand. unit stock exhibits.

Vanadzor National Center of Aesthetics

city Vanadzor, Myasnikyan 19a

The branch was opened in 1984, with the efforts of the general director of the National Center of Aesthetics, Henrik Igityan, and the children’s exhibition hall is constantly in operation, where exhibitions of works and open classes are regularly organized.

Thairov summer house

city Vanadzor, Zakaryan 31

The summer house of Tairov was built in 1895 and was the summer house of Vasil Tairov, a wealthy Armenian winemaker. In 1999, with the efforts of Archbishop Sepuh Chuljian, leader of the Gugarats Diocese, Tairov’s country house was thoroughly repaired and rebuilt as the rectory of the Gugarats Diocese.

Lori-Pambak Geological Museum

Vanadzor city,  Karen Demirchyan 23/1

It was founded in 1938 by archaeologist Yeghia Momjian. There are 34,000 samples in the museum dating back to the 4th BC millennium to the present day. In 1988 the museum lost its building due to the earthquake. The museum’s valuable collection was saved from the destroyed building.

Museum after Stepan Shahumyan

Stepanavan city, Garegin Nzhdeh 2

On May 24, 1934, by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Stepanavan District Council, the house of S. Shahomyan’s father-in-law was turned into a house-museum of S. Shahomyan. In 1899, Shahumyan founded the first Marxist group in Armenia in Vanadzor. The museum has 586 exhibited pieces, and 1515 exhibits are available in the funds.

H. Toumanyan House Museum

Dsegh community, 1st street, 10th house

The museum operates in the father’s house of the Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan. The house museum was created in 1939. In 1994, Tumanyan’s heart was buried in the courtyard of the museum. The belongings of the father’s house, personal belongings, and documents related to life and activities are kept. This museum is perhaps one of the most visited in Lori region.

Museum after Brothers Mikoyan

Alaverdi city, Sanahin district, 34 stree

The museum was founded in 1982. On the opening day of the museum, the two most influential exhibits were brought to the museum from Moscow: the MIG plane and Artem Mikoyan’s official car. There are exhibits, and photographs of the father’s house.

Toumanyan Matchebox Museum

city Tumanyan, 2nd street, 6

The museum was established with the support of the “Development of Innovative Tourism and Technologies for Armenia” program of the EU4Bussines. Matches used to be a means of spreading information. there are matches related to traffic, and hygiene rules, which have arrived here from different countries

Alaverdi branch of  National Gallery

Alaverdi city, Kakhoyan 7

It was founded in 1987. The gallery is a branch of the National Gallery of Armenia.


Alaverdi city

10-13th centuries. Located in Alaverdi.



Artist born in Vanadzor

Hi, my name is Mher Chatinyan and I am from Vanadzor. I had never dreamt  about painting before, therefore nobody would know that one day I would become an artist.  But time passed and it turned out what it turned out to be. My paintings are about me: the more sincere are the paintings, the clearer is the […]

The film that has shocked “GOLDEN APRICOT 2022”

5 Dreamers and a Horse On July 17, the largest Armenian film festival Golden Apricot-2022 ended. Today we will tell you about one of the surprises of the festival.   "5 Dreamers and a Horse" is a documentary ontology film with fiction elements that narrates a few touching stories about the dreams of ordinary people. [...]

My First Few Days in Vanadzor

Hello everyone my name is Eric Kashian and I am a volunteer worker with Birthright Armenia in Vanadzor from the United States. I arrived here a few days ago and was welcomed with open arms by my host family and the community. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience so far. The last few [...]