Hi, my name is Mher Chatinyan and I am from Vanadzor. I had never dreamt  about painting before, therefore nobody would know that one day I would become an artist.  But time passed and it turned out what it turned out to be. My paintings are about me: the more sincere are the paintings, the clearer is the image of the artist. I had an exhibition in Korea lately. You know what is the greatest thing here? People liked my paintings so much that they bought and held an exhibitions in Seul in their galleries. I will have more exhibitions in Yerevan, afterwards in Moscow in the near future.   “Sos Sargsyan” “The Mower” “My friend”  

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Graduating from school Mher Chatinyan started loving painting and drawing. His father, who was a teacher of art and art history, influenced Mher to become an artist. In 2009 Mher held a joint exhibition with his father and grandfather in Vanadzor Art Gallery called “3 Ages”, afterwards, in 2017 was his first exhibition in Moscow. Minas Avetisyan and Martiros Saryan’s paintings were the main resources of Mher’s inspiration. However, the artist managed to find his own style close to abstraction, while remaining within the framework of traditional painting. Mher Chatinyan had more than 10 personal exhibitions in Yerevan, Holland, Italy, Moscow, Latvia. Since 2012 he has been a member of the World Union of Armenian Artists. Since 2019 – Member of the Union of Artists of Armenia. Inspired by the love of his homeland, his distinctive and vivid works often depict landscapes, florals, and portraits. Painting from life, Chatinyan predominantly employs oils on canvas or paper in his artistic process. « I would like my art to sound like Mozart’s Requiem. I strive for this, to portray the tragedy that grips when you listen to Mozart’s music».