Vanadzor is the largest city in the Lori region and one of the most important cultural and historical centers of the region.

Vanadzor combines elements of Modern architecture, which the city inherited from the USSR. Most of the buildings in Vanadzor are part of the Soviet construction, which shaped the appearance of the city.

The mountain landscape of Vanadzor is «complemented» by unusual buildings of the Soviet period. For example, the abandoned camp «Artek», where children from all over the USSR had been spending their summer vacation. You can also visit the camp «Yeghnik» – a bright example of Soviet constructivism. Don’t forget about the enterprises of Vanadzor, which are popular with fans of industrial tourism. The whole city breathes aesthetics, and it can surprise even the avid travelers!

A tour of Vanadzor is a unique opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of large cities in a cozy province and it doesn’t lose the usual attributes of comfortable life. The city infrastructure is very diverse. Most hotels, restaurants and cafes are located within walking distance from the center.

In the co-working space Loft, you will be able to work in a quiet atmosphere, not distracted by the relaxing charm of the city. Later in the evening, you can dine at the restaurant «Maran» and try the famous Lori craft beer. Also, we recommend you visit the bar «Solenoid» to experience the underground culture of the city.

Vanadzor is a place of creative freedom and self-realization. Many artists and musicians from all over Armenia started their activity in Vanadzor. There are many workshops and cultural centers in the city where you can learn the national crafts: the mastery of weaving Armenian carpets or the sculpting from clay. The city remains a magnet for creative people, but there are also projects not directly related to art.

For example, Boo Bike Park is the only cycling park in the region. It’s not just exciting cycling routes, it’s a community of sports enthusiasts that is expanding every year. Vanadzor is an incredibly green city. The jade forests and the mountains surrounding Vanadzor are great for hiking. Extreme transitions combined with scenic views make hiking in Vanadzor a truly exciting experience.

But the main advantage of Vanadzor is people. Locals are very open and hospitable. You can feel it everywhere whether it’s in the eastern bazaar choosing apricots or walking down the main street Tigran Metz. Among the countless treasures of the city, the people are the most precious.