In the valley near Vanadzor there are two picturesque villages – Dsegh and Debed, which have become a center of attraction for tourists from all over Armenia.

Idyllic landscapes of untouched nature are an important part of village representation, but don’t define it. Dsegh and Debed are merged into a more global project that aims to develop tourism in the region. Infrastructure and historical-cultural background of villages allow us to focus on several aspects of tourism at once.

Eco-farming is one of the key components of the brand appeal of villages. In the Dsegh village you can try natural products grown by the locals. You can also get a more immersive practical experience in gastro tourism: baking bread, collecting edible herbs in the mountains, cooking aristhto and other dishes of national Armenian cuisine. You will have the opportunity to learn the craft of cheese making, visit a real farm and get to know the local agriculture. 

The unique TUC Tourist Center is a great place for ecotourism fans to enjoy the beautiful views and tasty food in the relaxed atmosphere of the high mountain camp. After dinner we recommend you to go on a bike along the green hills to the incredibly picturesque Lake Tsover or try a completely unexpected experience – zilling across rough terrain.

The mountainous terrain of the villages is ideal for extreme hiking. The diverse landscape of the area is very popular with outdoor lovers, and two glampings will make your stay in the mountains more comfortable.

In the villages there are cultural monuments of federal importance and ancient places of worship. Dsegh is the home of the legendary Armenian writer Hovanes Tumanyan. Now his house has been turned into a museum, which contains about 300 valuable exhibits related to the life and work of the writer. And the church of St. Grigore Lusavorica in Dsegh, which was founded in the 7th century, will interest both pilgrims and fans of early Christian architecture. The monastery of Barzrakash St. Grigor, in the Middle Ages was the center of the scientific and spiritual life of the region. Nowadays, the monastery complex remains an important historical and religious monument.

Dsegh and Debed are part of a multi-layered destination where major events and festivals take place every year. This autumn, the COAF (Innovation Center for Development and Children’s Creativity located in Debed) will host the International Interdisciplinary Starmus Forum, which will be attended by renowned scientists and artists from around the world.

Dsegh and Debed are located at a small distance from each other. A beautiful trail will take you through the dense forest and green gorges from one village to another in less than an hour.