Khutchap monastery is situated in the Lori district, in a thick forest at the foot of Lalvar Mountain. There used to be a village near the temple with the same name. The main church (XIIIc.) was situated on the southern side of the complex. Crosses are placed in southern and eastern side windows. The vestibule took the whole space from the west, and only signs of it are left. Not far from it, in rather a low place, there are half-trimmed stony walls left from tower-like two-storied constructions. 25m towards north from the main church, the vaulted one-nave hall’s remainders are situated. The eastern side finishes with a half-round bay stretching almost the whole length. They finish with rectangle vestibules in the eastern half, the entries of which are from the west. Another small one-nave hall used to stand not too far from the latter one and is considered to be the oldest construction of the complex. Khutchap monastery stands out with its harmony with environs, processed stone, and high quality of decorations.