Haghpat monastic complex in the Lori region is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.
Haghpat Monastery was founded in 976. The monastery was one of the major cultural centers of medieval Armenia. XII century – XIV century The monastic complex of Haghpat was the diocesan center of the Kyurikian kingdom, the sanctuary of the local kings’ was moved from Sanahin here. XI-XIII centuries The Haghpat school and bookstore were famous in Armenia. Haghpat was also known for its miniature school. The complex consists of St. Nshan temple, two vestibules, three small churches, two corridors-tomb, refectory, bookstore, bell tower, and several chapels, khachkars, and toms. The complex is surrounded by a wall. Outside its territory are the spring building and several small churches. Sayat-Nova lived in Haghpat for several years under the scheme of a religious man.