Barzrakash St. Grigor’s monastery (X-XIIIcc.) is situated in the Lori district of Armenia, 2 km northeast of Dsegh village, at the shores of Saghudzor River, in the middle of the forest. The monastery has two churches, a bell tower, a chapel, and Mamikonyan’s family cemetery. St.Astvatzatzin (Holy Virgin) Catoghike church was built in 1221 by the son of prince Sargis Mamikonyan – Marzpan. To the south of St.Catoghike there is a bell tower (1259) and to the north a square-shaped church (Xc.). To the south of the monastery complex, there is St.Harutyun chapel (1204). All constructions are made from tuff, and basalt and have numerous ornaments and inscriptions. Because of its white coloring, the monastery was also called «Tchermak Vank» (White monastery). Around the monastery, there is a spring, cross-stones, and a monastery bridge across the Saghudzor River, built by Hamlik (Smbat Mamikonyan’s son) and his wife Mamkan.