It is located in the center of Dsegh village, in the area of ​​a medieval cemetery, next to Hovhannes Tumanyan’s house-museum. Surrounded by a low stone wall. It was built in the VII century. How many times has it been rebuilt? Almost nothing has been preserved from the original building. The current structure is a rectangular hall with an altar on the east side, the rectangular volume of which extends beyond the eastern wall of the church. The southern depository was later transformed into a bell tower built of yellow-red felsite by the Mamikonian princes in the 10th century. On the eastern facade of the bell tower, the coat of arms of the Mamikonian dynasty is preserved: a double-headed eagle with a lamb in its claws. The south wall is engraved with a clock. The church was rebuilt in 1900, which is mentioned in the inscription on the front arch of the dome. The present appearance of the church was given after that reconstruction. The last reconstruction of the church dates back to 1969. Dsegh St. St. Gregory the Illuminator Church is one of the early medieval architectural monuments, which combined the reconstructions of different eras.