The famous Akhtala fortress was built in the 10th century while maintaining Kyurik Bagratouni’s government. The fortress’s northern part is strengthened by overhanging pyramidal walls. Walls, made with huge, basalt, peglike stones, are connected to each other through firm pyramidal, three-story towers, rising from both sides of the main entrance. Inside Akhtala’s fortress, there is a monastery that consists of 3 churches, a bell tower, a hall, and stone-made dwellings. The fortress’s main church – St.Astvatzatzin (Holy Virgin) (VIIIc.), has a rectangular schemed structure with a cruciform vault. From inside walls are covered with frescos, which represent separate chapters of the New and the Old Testament. St.Mariam sitting on the throne is painted in the main absit, and among other saints in the row, there is St.Grigory the Еnlightener. Other Akhtala monuments are St.Trinity monastery (consisting of 2 churches and 2 chapels), St.Gevorg church(XIIIc.), and two twin churches (XIIIc.) located to the west of Akhtala fortress.